Internship – GMTi


What’s next for you? Are you a high school, Bible college, or University graduate who is not satisfied with an ordinary existence? Will you choose to do more than just exist, and choose to truly live? Let us give you an opportunity to live your life to the fullest.


Our interns begin their 9-month journey by completing our intensive 9-week G.E.T. (Global Evangelism Training). After completion they will be placed according to their gifting and calling with our GMT networks worldwide or returned to their local church for placement.


Some things can only be learned in the context of multi-cultural community. At GMT we have interns from around the world who despite their diverse backgrounds, learn how to live and serve together in a cross-cultural setting. We value diversity and we are very intentional in keeping a multi-cultural environment among our staff and our interns.


During this time you will be exposed, equipped, and released to fulfill your part of the Great Commission.

Will you answer the call to stop simply existing and start truly living?